Explore Red Sky's multi-purpose stages, studios, and office space. Employ our vehicles and equipment. Enjoy our cafeteria, wifi, lounges, hair and makeup, and dressing rooms.

Stages Rental

Three Boston soundstages, two of them fully soundproof! Our new, massive Foxborough stage and campus. Red Sky has stages from large to small to service productions of all sizes - no matter what! - from photo shoots to the largest feature films and everything in between!

Equipment Rental

Red Sky has all the lighting equipment you'll need at our disposal, from Tungsten to HMI to LED and more - plus, electrical distro, grip and expendables too. What's more, we have the expertise and staff to help you anytime you need - no matter what!

Vehicles Rental

Our fleet has you covered! We have 48-foot trailers for the largest productions. We have 5-ton and 3-ton trucks with fully loaded gear packages. A large Sprinter van. Cargo vans. Any job size, we have the vehicle you need - no matter what!

Office Rental

Red Sky is pleased to offer multiple options for office or bullpen-style meeting area rentals. Contact us for more info, and reserve your corner of Red Sky! Before, during, or after the production team does the job -- you can host your meeting or complete all your work right here!