General Manager

Eric has been associated with Red Sky Studios since it was founded, and General Manager since 2019. He has been in the entertainment industry since 1986 in a wide variety of roles, building a deep and respected resume, focused on motion picture lighting.

A graduate of Mass. College of Art with a degree in Media and Performing Arts, Eric spent years project managing corporate events and working concert lighting, in between film jobs. In TV and in motion pictures, he has worked on over 50 different productions, including Gone Baby Gone, The Equalizer, Spencer Confidential and Ted 2, with several rigging gaffer and best boy credits.

Eric has been married to his wife Kerry for over 30 years, and is proud of his two children – who have already made their own impact in the world (including son Matt, also part of the Red Sky management team!) In his spare time, he enjoys oil painting, and being near or on the water. He also continues to be the lighting director for America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country.

As his father once taught him – nothing is impossible, just pay attention and do it until it’s done right!


Experience. Dedication. Hands-on approach. The Red Sky management team has what it takes to elevate your production - from the expected to the exceptional!

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