Operations/Rental Management

Matt Goddard is Red Sky’s longest-tenured employee, which makes sense since he has been around the film and video world his entire life. From visiting his father on set as a child, to his first day as a shop tech, to gaffing his own projects, to running the Red Sky shop, to rental manager duties – he has had involvement in nearly all aspects of the industry.

Over the years, Matt has worn many hats and acquired a wide knowledge of gear and equipment. He is a go-to resource for all things Arri, DMG, Astera, LiteGear, Quasar and more. He has managed rentals on feature films and series such as Madame Web, Don’t Look Up, Spirited, KCFH, Hocus Pocus 2, and more.

Matt lives in Hudson, MA, with his wife, two dogs and two cats.


Experience. Dedication. Hands-on approach. The Red Sky management team has what it takes to elevate your production - from the expected to the exceptional!

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