Operations/Business Management

Jay Resha joined Red Sky in 2021, after over twenty years of management experience in the textile industry. He ran the manufacturing operation at United Curtain Co. in Boston, and later oversaw their transition into a major e-commerce supplier.

Jay worked with purchasing directors and top company executives from local and regional department stores, as well as large national retailers such as Kohl’s, J.C. Penney, Walmart and more. As Red Sky continues to grow its presence within the local production and film industry, he brings with him fresh perspectives and ideas, and plenty of business acumen.

A graduate of Boston College, Jay’s spare time pursuits range from lakes and oceans, to writing and skiing. He also enjoys golf…even if golf does not seem to enjoy him. He lives in Westwood, MA, with his wife and two teenage children.


Experience. Dedication. Hands-on approach. The Red Sky management team has what it takes to elevate your production - from the expected to the exceptional!

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